Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Ahead In Life

Bills.Stress.Kids.No Sleep.Crying.Bills.No Sleep.Flat Tires.Crying kids.Stress.

You know those days. We all have them. Some of us, more than days. More like months and years.

We have been having these months...a lot....  especially lately.
Summer is tough for us - We have 95+ degree weather with 100% humidity. That's rough on my hubby who works OUTSIDE. I don't know how he does it {he's pretty much amazing} But, he does and we pray for the cool weather to set in....(fast). Owning our own business also means we eat, sleep and breath it. Pile on school beginning, family issues & flat tires ..... We are feeling the squeeeeze of life. High gas bills. Bigger grocery bills. We are left wondering...   Will we ever GET AHEAD?

This morning I just had to get out.
Clear my head, think straight...
So, we did. Just me and the two littles packed it up and hit the park & beach (4 minutes away!)
And I just sat .......and watched.

Then my heart burst.

Watching my children be just that....   children...   was overwhelming. I paid careful attention to the story line of their pretending. All of a sudden the park turned into a gigantic ship and they were out to sea... sailing the ocean blue. Without a care in the world, they set about playing, thrilled that I would chime in...   in 'character' mode.

I texted my husband the picture of these two with the caption, "This is why you work as hard as you do." He called me right after receiving the text... and with relief in his voice, thanked me for reminding him.

It's so easy to do, isn't it? Lose sight of what's important?

The world tells us we need the large, 2-story home with 2 luxury cars parked out front. Nevermind that may mean both parents continually work and the kids are constantly in someone else's care, right? The world says "This IS how you get ahead!" Nevermind that the marriage relationship could be strained. Nevermind that the relationship bonds within the family may grow thin and tense without the mother being home. The world tells us to sacrifice these important factors for our family in the name of status... personal belongings... 401k's.... and the neighborhood you live in.

Let me clarify right here to understand me a little better and where I am coming from.

I live in Palm.Beach. Yep, that's right. The land of mercedes, massive boats, sprawling mansions, and almost every kid wearing a private school uniform.
The "Jones" here...    ha. Good luck keeping up with them!

It can wear on you.

Then I watched her.

My little girl. The middle child.

Smart. Observant.

She came running to me with a creature in between her fingers and she was beaming from ear to ear.

This was the first bug she had ever braved at picking up!

The poor lovebug, I'm sure, was squeezed to death while she examined every inch...    but, watching the excitement on her face...
I was there. I saw it all. I wouldn't trade this for any job or salary in the world.

I have the WORLD'S best job!
I am a stay at home mom and I am proud of it.
My family makes sacrifices for these moments.
We relish in the fact that I am here 24/7 for their every need, as much as I can.
We take comfort knowing I will serve every meal to them, kiss every scrape & answer all their little life's questions.

If you're finding yourself in the same position, hold fast.
Tune the world out and tune the Word in.
Let God direct your path and lead you where He wants you to serve your family.

In the end all these worldly things will soon pass away.
I have just these moments...    just these tiny glimpses... to impress onto my children's hearts the love that their parents have for them and the love that the Father has for them,
as well.

I want to make each moment count.

THIS, my friends, is getting ahead in life.

Make your moments count.

Our beach find.


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  1. Aww great post! Thank you for keeping it all in perspective. :)